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Matthew Renze speaking at Devoxx Morocco

2017-11-17 - First International Keynote on AI

I presented my first international keynote on Artificial Intelligence at DevoxxMA in Morocco this week. Thank you to everyone who attended and to the entire Devoxx crew for putting on a great conference!

Map of public speaking tour

2017-10-08 - Public Speaking Tour Recap

I'm wrapping up my latest public-speaking tour today. Over the past three weeks, I've given 11 talks at five events, spoken to hundreds of people, and traveled over 24,000 miles. It's good to be home.

Matthew Renze speaking at Microsoft Ignite

2017-09-29 - Microsoft Ignite Recap

My first time speaking at Microsoft Ignite went very well. This was the largest conference I've spoken at to date with over 25,000 attendees.

Matthew Renze speaking at Pluralsight Live

2017-09-22 - Pluralsight Live Recap

Thank you to everyone who attended my talks and panels at Pluralsight Live. Both the author summit and the main event more than exceeded my expectations.

Palm Jumeirah in Dubai

2017-09-20 - Invitation to Speak in Dubai

I've been invited to speak at two events in Dubai next month. I'll be presenting on Deep Learning for Microsoft Developers UAE and on Data Science for Dubytes.

Data Science: The Big Picture logo

2017-09-16 - Data Science: The Big Picture

My latest Pluralsight course, Data Science: The Big Picture was released today. If you're interested in data science, be sure to check it out.

Matthew Renze's Data Science Specialization certificate

2017-09-07 - Data Science Specialization

I completed the Data Science Specialization from Johns Hopkins University and Coursera today. I had a perfect score in all 9 courses and 97.5% on the capstone project.

Devoxx Morocco Logo

2017-08-25 - Invitation to Speak at Devoxx Morocco

Very excited to announce that I've been invited to give a keynote in Casablanca at Devoxx Morocco in November. My keynote presentation will be on Artificial Intelligence.

Microsoft Logo

2017-08-16 - Invitation to Speak at Microsoft Ignite

I've been invited to speak at Microsoft Ignite in Orlando, Florida in September. This will be my first time speaking at Ignite. Talks will include both Data Science and Machine Learning with R.

Dev on Fire Logo

2017-08-14 - Dev on Fire Interview

David Rael took his Developer on Fire podcast on the road to KCDC to chat with me for his first-ever on-site interview. We talked about data science, deep learning, music, cycling, and mindfulness.

For Love and Money - And Everything in Between

2017-08-11 - 2004 Album Online

Many years ago, I was in a band called For Love and Money. In 2004, we released our debut album titled: And Everything in Between. As of today, this album is freely available to everyone on YouTube.

Matthew Renze speaking at KCDC

2017-08-04 - KCDC 2017 Recap

KCDC is always a great conference to attend. The attendees, the speakers, and the organizers make this one of my favorite conferences every year. Thank you to everyone who attended my talks.

International Tinnitus Journal Logo

2017-07-13 - International Tinnitus Journal Article

The International Tinnitus Journal recently posted an article that I wrote on Visual Snow Syndrome and It's Relationship to Tinnitus. This is my second article on this topic in a peer-reviewed journal.

Matthew Renze speaking at Detroit Code

2017-07-12 - Detroit Code Recap

I had a great time speaking at the first ever Detroit Code conference. It's always fun being part of a new conference and speaking in a new city.

Matthew Renze interviewed by David Giard

2017-07-09 - Interview with David Giard

Microsoft's David Giard interviewed me for his Technology and Friends show. We discussed why data science and machine learning are important for software developers.

Microsoft MVP Award

2017-07-01 - Microsoft MVP Award

I am honored to recieve my second Microsoft MVP Award today. I love being a part of this group of people making an impact in our industry.

Matthew Renze's 2017 public speaking tour

2017-06-18 - European Speaking Tour Recap

Today is the final day of my 47-day speaking tour across Europe and the US. During this time, I visited 10 countries, traveled over 30,000 miles, walked 313 miles, and climbed 1,370 flights of steps.

Matthew Renze speaking at Geek Girl TechCon

2017-06-17 - Geek Girl TechCon Recap

I spoke at my first Geek Girl TechCon in San Diego today. It was great to see so much enthusiasm and passion for technology under one roof.

Matthew Renze speaking at DevSum

2017-06-09 - DevSum Recap

Thank you to everyone who attended my workshop and my talk at DevSum. I really enjoyed the entire event and my first time visiting Sweden.

Matthew Renze interview at Devoxx UK

2017-06-01 - Interview at Devoxx UK

My interview with Katharine Beaumont at Devoxx UK is now online. We discussed data science, machine learning, and deep neural networks.

Matthew Renze speaking at NextBuild

2017-05-20 - NextBuild Recap

I spoke at NextBuild in Eindhoven, Neatherlands today. Great turnout for my Clean Architecture talk. I enjoyed making new friends there as well.

Matthew Renze speaking at SDD London

2017-05-18 - SDD London Recap

My first SDD conference in London is a wrap. I had a great time visiting with several old friends and making a few new friends as well.

Video of Matthew Renze speaking at Devoxx

2017-05-17 - Devoxx Presenation Video

The video of my presentation on Data Visualization with R from Devoxx is now online.

Matthew Renze speaking at Devoxx UK

2017-05-12 - Devoxx UK Recap

I had a great time speaking at my first Devoxx conference in the UK yesterday. The attendees, the speakers, and the organizers all did a great job making this an amazing conference.

Voxxed Logo

2017-05-06 - Data Science Q&A with Voxxed

Learn what data science is and why it's important in my Voxxed Q&A.

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Writing Testable Code

2017-05-06 - Writing Testable Code

My latest Pluralsight course titled Writing Testable Code has been published. If you'd like to learn how to write code that makes automated testing quick, easy, and enjoyable, be sure to check it out.

IT/Dev Connections Logo

2017-05-05 - Invitation to Speak at IT/Dev Connections

I've been invited to speak at IT/Dev Connections again this fall in San Francisco. I'll be presenting on Exploratory Data Analysis with R and Data Visualization with R.

The Hearing Journal

2017-05-01 - Article in The Hearing Journal

I wrote an article for The Hearing Journal titled What Visual Snow May Tell Us About Tinnitus which discusses the relationship between visual snow and tinnitus.


2017-04-19 - Invitation to Speak at Detroit Code

Looking forward to speaking at the inaugural Detroit Code in July. I'll be presenting on Data Science: The Big Picture and Machine Learning with R.


2017-04-07 - Invitation to Speak at KCDC

Very excited to invited to speak at KCDC again this year. I'll be giving two brand new talks Data Science: The Big Picture and Machine Learning with R.

NextBuild Logo

2017-04-06 - Invitation to Speak at NextBuild

I've been invited to speak at NextBuild in Eindhoven, Netherlands in May. This will be my first time speaking in the Netherlands so I am really looking forward to it.

Github Logo

2017-04-01 - Shortcuts to Hyperlinks

I created a quick tool called Shortcuts to Hyperlinks that converts a list of Windows URL shortcuts to a page of HTML hyperlinks. The code is available on Github.

Pluralsight Live

2017-03-28 - Invitation to Speak at Pluralsight Live

I've been invited to speak at the first-ever Pluralsight LIVE in Salt Lake City, Utah in September. This will be one of the largest gatherings of top-experts in the software industry. I'm very happy to be a part of it.

Github Logo

2017-02-09 - Website Link Checker

To assist me with converting my old website over to ASP.NET MVC Core, I created a simple Website Link Checker. In the spirit of open source, I've made the source code freely available via Github.

Devoxx UK Logo

2017-02-08 - Invitation to Speak at Devoxx UK

I received an invitation to speak at Devoxx UK today. My presentation will be on Data Visualization with R. This is my first time speaking at Devoxx and second time in the UK.

Matthew Renze speaking at the Las Vegas .NET User Group

2017-01-26 - Las Vegas .NET User Group Recap

The Las Vegas .NET User Group invited me to speak on Clean Code at their monthly meeting tonight. It was my first time speaking there and I really enjoyed getting to meet everyone in the group.

Clean Architecture: Patterns, Practices, and Principles

2017-01-17 - Clean Architecture Course Published

My latest Pluralsight course, Clean Architecture: Patterns, Practices, and Principles, has been published. It covers how to create modern software architecture that is simple, understandable, testable, and maintainable.

Matthew Renze speaking at CodeMash 2017

2017-01-13 - CodeMash Recap

CodeMash 2017 is a wrap. I sat on an MVP discussion panel, hosted a full-day workshop, and gave a new talk titled: The Mindful Developer. I had a great time visiting with old friends and making some new friends too.

CES Logo

2017-01-09 - CES 2017: A Developer's Perspective

A developer's perspective on technology and trends at CES 2017.

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DevSum Logo

2017-01-06 - Invitation to Speak at DevSum in Sweden

I received an invitation to speak at DevSum in Stockholm, Sweden in June. This will be my first time speaking in Sweden and I'm really looking forward to it.

Matthew Renze presenting on Visual Snow Syndrome and Its Relationship to Tinnitus

2017-01-01 - Medical Conference Presentation Video

I spoke at a medical conference this summer on visual snow syndrome, tinnitus, and managing bothersome symptoms with mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation. The video of my talk is now online.

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