Lab 0 - Hello World

1. Install the Python Anaconda Distribution

1. Navigate to the Anaconda website and download the latest version of Anaconda for Windows.

2. Run the installer with the default settings to install Anaconda on your machine.

2. Print Hello World

1. Open the Spyder IDE on computer from the start menu.

2. Assign the character string "Hello World" to a variable named x by typing the following in the interactive console (i.e. the lower-left-hand window pane).

In [1]:
x = "Hello World"

3. Print the value contained in the variable x by typing the following.

In [2]:
Hello World

4. Verify that you see the result (above) displayed in your interactive console.

3. Install Additional Packages

1. Launch the Anaconda prompt from the start menu.

2. Execute the following command:

conda install -c anaconda graphviz

3. Verify that GraphViz installed successfully.

4. Set Up Workshop Folder

1. Create a directory called "Workshop" on your C: drive.

2. Download the data files.

3. Extract the data files to the C:\Workshop\Data directory.

4. Open the data file C:\Workshop\Data\Iris.csv with Notepad and inpect the contents of the file.

If you’ve been able to successfully complete all of the previous steps, you should have everything you need to complete all of the labs for this workshop.